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Copper Bathtubs & Copper Sinks Manufacturer

Vani Crafts is a manufacturer of Copper Bathtubs & Copper Sinks made of high quality 16 gauge copper sheets.

Our Copper Bathtub & Copper Sink Highlights


Our copper bathtubs & sinks are made of the 16-gauge pure copper sheet.


Our Bathtubs & Sinks are handmade and hence each design is unique and no two product is an exact match.

Heat Retention

Copper bathtubs have the unique property of heat retention due to the intrinsic nature of copper metal and hence allows you longer to stay in the tub.

Anti Microbial

Copper has anti-microbial properties and hence is highly preferred as kitchen sinks as it prevents the growth of bacteria and microbes in your kitchen.

About Us

Vani Crafts is manufacturer and exporter of high-end copper wares primarily meant to give outstanding style to bathrooms and kitchens of our patrons. We are one of the only few exporters with an in-house manufacturing facility in India. This also makes us the exclusive manufacturer of custom copper products matching the design requirements of our esteemed clientele. We are renowned for our large range of kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Each product resonates unique personality and individual sense of style and class. To meet the high expectations of our domestic and international clientele, we have created innovative, exciting and easy to maintain copper products. Our products are distinguished for their aesthetic design, impeccable quality and style. Each item produced by us is an exclusive handmade and hammered piece of art. Be it a posh apartment complex, bungalow, resort or a hotel facility, we ensure our products leave an indelible impression in all surroundings.

Our Featured Products

Copper Bathtubs

Copper Sinks