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Vani Crafts – manufacturer and exporter of high-end copper wares primarily meant to give outstanding style to bathrooms and kitchens of our patrons. We are one of the only few exporters with an in-house manufacturing facility in India. This also, makes us the exclusive manufacturer of custom copper products matching the design requirements of our esteemed clientele.

We are famous for our large range of kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Each product resonates unique personality and individual sense of style and class. To meet the high expectations of our domestic and international clientele, we have created innovative, exciting and easy to maintain copper products. Our products are remarkable for their aesthetic design, impeccable quality and style. Each item produced by us is an exclusive handmade and hammered piece of art. Be it a posh apartment complex, bungalow, resort or a hotel facility, we ensure our products leave an indelible impression in all surroundings.

Vani Crafts as the name suggests is a connoisseur of copper products manufacturing finest quality luxurious copper bathtubs, brass bathtubs, cast bronze sinks, copper kitchen sinks, copper sinks, brass sinks, copper handicrafts & copper beverage tub. 

Idea Behind the Brand

Vani Crafts is a home décor company that started with an idea of making our traditional metal copper available in every home, hotel or spa nationally and internationally in the form of finest copper bathtubs, copper sinks & handicrafts with the build of 100% pure durable 16-gauge copper metal

Copper has numerous health benefits & soaking yourself in copper bathtubs tends to heal your body & mind with the dissolved minerals. Just like drinking water from a copper glass, jug or beneficial for your body if it gets a soak in the copper bathtub.

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