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Copper being mankind’s oldest metal has recently increased in popularity again. It is finding its utility in kitchens as copper kitchen sinks. One of the major reason for this being its natural antimicrobial properties. Copper does not allow germs and microbes to breed on its surface. Also the viruses cannot live on its surface.

Studies have found that virus like coronavirus has the least life on copper surface. Read more on this here.

In this post we are going to break down the pros and cons of copper kitchen sinks.

Pros of Copper Kitchen Sinks

There are several reasons why you will be happy with your investment in copper kitchen sinks:

Appearance: While ores of other metal are either grey or white, gold and copper are the only metal that have a natural color. The patina and the warmth of copper color are very appealing. This make the copper kitchen sink a focal point of your kitchen.16 gauge pure copper

Durability: The heavy 16-gauge make of the copper kitchen sink guarantees for the durability of the product.

kill germs

Health Benefits: The natural antimicrobial properties of copper kills germs. This makes your sink safe for your contact.

 easy maintenance

Easy Maintenance: For cleaning only soap water and soft cloth are all you need.

Stain Free: Copper sinks are stain free. You have to however, avoid strong acidic food and beverages.

Return on Investment: Copper Kitchen Sinks uplifts the decor of your kitchen. It helps preserve the resale value of your home since these are very appealing to the home buyers.

Cons of Copper Kitchen Sinks

There are only few cons which do not offer a reason good enough not to go for a copper kitchen sinks. These are as follows:

Careful Usage: You have to be a bit careful with your usage of copper kitchen sinks as they are prone to acid reactions. Hot utensils and sharp objects can leave a mark on the surface. However, due to natural healing properties of copper metal, they generally heal themselves overtime.

Patina: Overtime your sink will start changing in color and get darker. This is known a patina. The patina can however be delayed by use of wax.

Thin Gauge: Some manufacturers often use thinner gauge copper sheet to manufacture the copper kitchen sink. Although they would be similar in look and finish as a heavier gauge copper kitchen sink, they would not be as durable. Thinner gauge copper kitchen sink would be cheaper than a heavier gauge copper kitchen sink. You must never trade of the quality / durability of your sink for a lower price. Important think to remember is that lower the gauge number, the heavier the copper metal used to manufacture the sink.

The Price: The copper kitchen sinks are pricier then their counterpart stainless steel sinks but then we all know that everything good in life comes at a price.

Not a DIY installation: copper farmhouse sinks requires a professional plumbing expertise to install. These sinks are generally big in size and heavy. These would normally require two to three people to install them.

Although, significant investment, copper kitchen sinks adds aesthetical charm to your kitchen and brings in all the benefits of its antimicrobial nature, self healing properties and health benefits which far surpasses the cons of copper kitchen sinks.

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