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Hammered Double Wall Copper Bathtub

vanicrafts Hammered Double Wall Copper Bathtub

Hammered Double Wall Copper Bathtub

  • Antique Copper Finish
  • Hammered Interior & Exterior
  • Metal Gauge/Thickness: 16 Gauge
  • Drain Included: Optional
  • Drain Placement: Center
  • Faucet Included: No
  • Faucet Drillings: No Drillings


Hammered Double Wall Copper Bathtub

This hammered double wall copper bathtub is ideal for adding a modern look to your bathroom suite. The deep well is perfect for soaking, while the hammered detail and contemporary design create a stunning focal point.

  • Design: Transitional
  • Product Finish: Antique Copper Patina
  • Overflow Hole: Optional
  • Shape: Oval
  • Length: 69″
  • Width: 34″
  • Height: 22″
  • Tub Interior Length: 51″
  • Tub Interior Width: 22″
  • Water Depth to Rim: 18-1/4″
  • Water Depth To Overflow: 15-1/2″
  • Exterior Treatment: Hammered
  • Interior Treatment: Hammered
  • Metal Gauge/Thickness: 16 Gauge
  • Drain Included: Optional
  • Drain Placement: Center
  • Faucet Included: No
  • Faucet Drillings: No Drillings
  • Built-In Adjusters: Yes
  • Dimensions: 69″ L x 34″ W (front to back) x 22″ H (± 1″).
  • Hand-polished finish.
  • Patina applied using French hot process, so color is ingrained in the copper.
  • Copper tubs are handmade and therefore unique. Expect slight variations in finish and dimensions (± 1″).
  • Requires wall- or floor-mount tub filler.
  • Air tub option: features 12 air jets that massage and relax. Remote control works within 15-foot radius and is designed to float. Tub and air system come fully assembled.
  • Overflow option: includes Extended Pop-Up Drain with Swivel Head and Press & Seal Overflow for greater water depth.
  • Insulation option: increases heat retention and prevents condensation due to water and air temperature fluctuations

Care & Maintenance

Naturally, copper metal is corrosion resistant . Use a mild detergent or mild soap and a soft microfiber cloth only for the cleaning of your sink.

You can make another natural cleaner by mixing lemon juice (or vinegar) and baking soda into a sudsy mixture. Apply to the copper and buff with a soft cloth. Rinse with water and dry. These mixtures work because the acid in the vinegar or lemon juice strips the oxidized patina from the copper and the salt acts as a mild abrasive to remove the grime. You can also use lime juice instead of lemon.

Once your copper is shiny again, keep it cleaner, longer, by wiping a thin layer of mineral or linseed oil on it. Knowing how to clean copper, how to clean a copper sink and how to clean copper-bottom pans will keep these items beautiful.

Long ago, people in the Far East found that water stored in copper vessels tasted better and kept fresh longer. Scientists discovered that copper has an oligodynamic effect — which means copper can kill bacteria. It also kills viruses, algae, mold, spores, and fungi.

Studies have shown that water stored in a copper vessel for at least four hours acquires a certain quality — because copper leaches into the liquid. Since people today use water purifying systems, many of the healthy micronutrients are removed from their water. Drinking water out of a copper cup replenishes the copper stripped by purifying systems.



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