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Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Hammered (Set of Two)

vanicrafts Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Hammered (Set of Two)

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Hammered (Set of Two)



Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Hammered (Set of Two)

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs hammered set

  • FINISH:   Bring home a pair of copper moscow mule mugs in Hammered Polished Copper Finish made of pure copper.
  • DIMENSION: 3.4″ (diameter) & 4″ Height.
  • HOT & COLD BEVERAGES: Due to copper metal’s intrinsic property of maintaining temperature, these mugs
  • are good for both your hot or cold beverages as they can keep your hot drink hot for longer & cold drink cold for longer than normal mugs.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Keep your drinking water from copper mugs have immense health benefits.
  • SMOOTH HANDLES & SMOOTH ROUNDED MOUTH: These mugs have smooth rounded handles that feels great on hands when you hold these. The edges of the mouth are rounded and smoothened to avoid sharp edges that might otherwise hurt your lips
  • Health Benefits – Copper mug water is a healthy tonic for the liver, spleen , and lymph system and helps with anemia healing.
  • Care – For daily usage, it is best to use a plain, soft cleaning liquid on soap base, hot water and soft washing cloth.
  • Coppers health benefits include proper growth, iron consumption, enzymatic reactions, connective tissue, hair , skin, ageing and energy production; Trendy – This hammered copper mug is the perfect mix of functionality and stylish decor.
  • Copper Stainless steel: Artisan’s Village brings you authentic, traditionally handcrafted Moscow Mule Mugs made from copper Stainless Steel. Like your cocktail, our mugs are the right combination of old school design and modern craftsmanship
  • Handcrafted design: Your Moscow Mule experience will never be the same. Our carefully crafted mugs have a smooth, polished rim for comfortable sipping and a sturdy yet aesthetic brass handle for a comfortable grip.
  • Copper stainless steel Mug Set: The Artisan Moscow Mule Copper stainless steel Mug set is an excellent choice as a bar gift. The pack, smartly gift wrapped, comes with 475 ml copper mugs.


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