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Vani Crafts – Manufacturer of Copper Products

vanicrafts Blogs Vani Crafts – Manufacturer of Copper Products
Manufacturer of Copper Products


Vani Crafts – Manufacturer of Copper Products

Posted By VaniCrafts

About Vani Crafts

Vani Crafts as the name suggests is a connoisseur of copper products manufacturing finest quality luxurious copper bathtubs, brass bathtubs, cast bronze sinks, copper kitchen sinks, copper sinks, brass sinks, copper handicrafts & copper beverage tub.

Idea Behind the Brand

Vani Crafts is a home décor company that started with an idea of making our traditional metal copper available in every home, hotel or spa nationally and internationally in the form of finest copper bathtubs, copper sinks & handicrafts with the build of 100% pure durable 16-gauge copper metal.

Copper has numerous health benefits & soaking yourself in copper bathtubs tends to heal your body & mind with the dissolved minerals. Just like drinking water from a copper glass, jug or beneficial for your body if it gets a soak in the copper bathtub.

Our Star Products

With double wall design & nickel interior finish, the copper beverage tub is our best-selling product.


Custom Bathtub Manufacture

We specialize in the manufacture of custom bathtubs. We can manufacture any bathtub according to the design specification provided by your designer.

Metals We Use

We use 16-gauge pure copper metal to manufacture our copper bathtubs & pure brass metal sheet to manufacture brass bathtubs.

Metal Finish We Use

We have bathtubs in the following metal finishes:

  1. Antique Copper Finish.
  2. Medium Antique Copper Finish.
  3. Shiny Copper Finish.
  4. Shiny Copper Finish with Nickel Interior.
  5. Full Nickel Finish Copper Bathtub.
  6. Full Brass Finish Brass Bathtub.
  7. Brass Bathtub with Nickel Interior.


Sinks / Basins

We have bathroom sink listed under following category heads on our website.

Copper Sinks

The wide range of design and finishes to choose from.

Cast Bronze Sinks

Exquisite luxurious sinks that would give your bathroom a unique look.

Brass Sinks

Stunning metallic brass sinks are something to think about while renovating your bathing spaces.

Kitchen Sinks

Copper Kitchen Sinks

We have the wide range of copper kitchen sinks.

  1. Copper Double Bowl Kitchen Sink
  2. Rectangular Double Bowl Copper Kitchen Sink
  3. Triple Bowl Copper Kitchen Sink
  4. Copper Farmhouse Sink 5 Grape Front Apron
  5. Copper Farmhouse Sink Petal Front Apron
  6. Copper Farmhouse Sink 3 Flower Front Apron
  7. Copper Farmhouse Sink Fruit Front Apron
  8. Copper Farmhouse Sink Sunflower Front Apron
  9. Copper Farmhouse Sink Animal Front Apron
  10. Hammered Front Apron Copper Farmhouse Sink
  11. Copper Kitchen sink Single Wall Design

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